Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Duck Beach

I just got back from a fun-filled weekend in the Outer Banks, NC. It was a great weekend full of sun bathing, volleyball, eating, relaxing, and all the drama that goes along with 300+ singles in one place at one time. Although it was very relaxing, I am exhausted and definitely am not enjoying being back at work. Here are some pics from the weekend. I didn't really take that many but I'm still waiting to get more from my friends. I'll pass some better pictures on as soon as I get them.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pictures of Garrett

So you want more pictures of Garrett, Anne. Well here's a few from our visit. I'm sure he has changed alot already so Scott and Shaliece will have to post some newer ones.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I don't know about everyone else, but I want to see more pictures of Garrett!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cancun Vacation

We had a wonderful week at the beautiful all inclusive Adventura Spa Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico. We didn't take many pictures. It seems that Dad and Steven are not the best models. So if you want to see what the place we stayed really looked like check out the link.

Steven can no longer complain! He has finally been to Cancun like the rest of us. We had a great trip even if Dad and I did go to Chichenitza once again. Steven and Becca enjoyed it as we did the first time. But I think they might admit that three times is a little overkill. If we ever go again with the family to Chichenitza, I volunteer to stay behind and watch the babies!

Our week was filled with a variety of experiences from Walmart on Saturday night to church on Sunday. We attended a Mexican fast and testimony meeting. Even though we couldn't understand much, we were impressed at the number of people who bore testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel. Testimonies were short and to the point. The cleanliness of the chapel and the people (including the children) was in sharp contrast to the living conditions we saw as we rode in the taxi to the church. Becca and I commented on how hard it would be to raise babies in the primitive, dirty living conditions. But when we got to church, we realized that it must be possible because all the kids were very clean and well mannered.

Monday was Chichenitza, Tuesday - scuba diving in Cozemel for Dad and Steven; Becca and I took advantage of the resort and the spa. Wednesday we all stayed at the resort. We all (yes-even Dad and Steven) got manicures, pedicures, and a massage. The was an amenity of the all inclusive resort. Mike - watch out, you might have company next time you want a pedicure.

Thursday we golfed and Friday Steven and Becca swam with the dolphins and Dad and I just relaxed at the resort. All in all it was a wonderful week. We are anxious to go back and take the entire family. We really liked the idea of the all-inclusive resort and thought it might be the way to go for future family reunions.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I passed!!!

I am now officially a Certified Facility Manager! And it was easier then I thought it would be. I took the beta test a couple months ago and since it was free, I didn't do much studying and didn't feel any pressure. I think it helped since I was anxious while I took the test. And, I passed! I'm so beyond excited.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Newport Beach, California

We had a great week. The timeshares were beautiful... and had lots of amenities. The boys loved the putting green, playing basketball, and swimming. Lego land was a huge hit. Parker loved ROLLER-COASTERS! He thought they were the best. Almost better than the giant Lego Thomas... We went to an Angel's game, saw Dana and Blake and their kids, went to Balboa Island, and of course, spent plenty of time at the beach. I think both Parker and Ryan loved the beach best. Ryan loved the water... chasing the waves in and out... he wasn't too sure about the sand, though. Parker, loved it all... especially being buried - up to his chin! He didn't want to get out...Ryan thought it was great fun to take advantage of the opportunity to pick on his older brother without getting beaten up in return.
Julie, Jason, Andrew, and Hannah came out for the last couple days. They joined us at Legoland and the beach. Ryan was in heaven with Hannah... Parker enjoyed building islands and tunnels in the sand with Andrew... and Julie and I got to sit back and sun bathe! HA!
It was truly a great week... we really enjoyed this family vacation. The boys were sooooo good... both ways in the car, and all week. Ryan was a different kid. He was fun, happy, and enjoyable. Maybe it is the CA lifestyle... could be worth investing in a new home... :) OK, at least more vacations there!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Last weekend, there was an institute dance at the Naval Academy. It was a formal dance so we got all decked out and ready to party. It was a typical church dance - bad music, lots of slow songs and line dances, and 3 to 1 ratio of girls to guys but it was pretty fun.

Shanna & me

Milu, Mary, & Me

That night Mary, Milu, Camille, Michelle, Danielle, and I got a hotel room and stayed over night. Camille booked a room at the local Extended Stay America (which I wasn't too thrilled about of course) and they ended up over booking so we had to stay in smoking rooms. Needless to say, it made for an interesting, smelly night but it was fun. We met up with Camille's cousin the next day at the Naval Academy for a quick tour and then sailing! We went out for a few hours and actually had to hide two of us in the belly of the boat since we were only allowed to have 6 on the boat (there were 8 of us including Camille's cousin and his roommate). Luckily we weren't caught by anyone important, but we did get a couple strange looks from people near us. It was so relaxing and fulfilled one of my goals since I moved out here. We proceeded to get some good food at a local cafe and then ventured to the wonderful gelato place where we found paradise! It is definitely one of my new loves! After spending several hours surrounded by the Naval Academy boys, my friends and I started considering going for the younger men.... we will see how long that last since most of the guys we met hadn't left on their missions yet!

The gang

Our sail boat & me!