Saturday, March 7, 2009

Check out my friend's blog to see what it was like out here last Monday morning...

And this weekend, I took Abby out on a walk for about an hour in the beautiful 80 degree weather.

Got to love Virginia!

Saturday Fun

Marnee had a wedding and Mike and Dad were working. So lucky me! I got to spend the day with three great kids. We climbed trees, made and painted trains, made cookies, went on a bike ride, played games and had lots of fun and didn't get a bit of work done except for sweeping up the back yard and putting away the train track (with a lot of help from the boys!) Kate took a nice nap and as cute as she looked when she arrived at our house, this picture just doesn't do justice to her. I'm afraid this is a case of very serious bed head. Riley, I think you might have some serious competition from Kate in the wild hair department!. Should have taken a before and after nap picture.