Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am using a very slow wi-fi connection at the hospital, but I wanted to try to post a few pictures of Evan since nobody liked the picture I sent to your phones last night. Lesson #187: When it comes to babies being born, a man can never do enough to make the women happy!

When we get home, I'll post some more. For now, just be content with what I'm posting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving for me was definitely different, but it was great! I went to the Outer Banks with Missy's family and some of their close family friends. There were over 20 of us staying at the beach house and surprisingly, it was very relaxing! Thursday was beautiful outside so we headed to the beach and did some Pilates on the Beach. We then headed back in and had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I made orange rolls and they were a big hit! We only had the house until Saturday, so when everyone drove home, Missy and I headed to the Outlets (where we had some fun on the kids toys) and then up to Suffolk to visit our friend Rachel (my old roommate).

Monday, November 26, 2007

The White Stuff

Jane and Jon you missed it!!! We got snow tonight! I went out to turn off the Christmas lights and to my surprise I saw snow all over the lawn. Riley was excited and wanted to run out in her panties and wet hair. I hope that we get some more this winter so Riley can actually use her new snow coat and boots.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving in Washington

Just a few quick picture of our Thanksgiving visit to Washington. In spite of freezing all week, we had a great time. Hepa especially loved Riley's response to the question "Whose girl are you?" "Pepa's girl!" She was his constant companion. Garrett kept us all entertained with his great big constant smile and big blue eyes.

No, I'm the BIG brother

Who knew that it would take a girl to bring these two boys together in one picture... I have a feeling that there may come the day when "a girl" may drive these two apart, though... Poor little Kate, she is never going to be able to do anything on her own. These boys already have taken such a protective role.

Boys will be Boys

Why do we fight to get the kids to look at the camera for a decent picture, and then as soon as you take their shirts off and give up, you get the best ones? These just make me laugh. So much for spending $$$ on cute Christmas outfits for the Christmas card.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I thought it would be a good/fun idea for everyone (including the kids - and Dad!) to list the top 10 things you are thankful for - and try to be creative - we all know you are thankful for your family, friends, the gospel, etc. Either edit this post and add to it or create a new one for your family. Since they will be long, it will probably work best not to do them in the comments.

So, I guess I'll start:

1. Warm weather in November - or anytime for that matter
Marnee says... COLD weather in NOVEMBER... finally got down to 70 today! YEAH!
S&S....In this area we are grateful when it is sunny in Nov.
Mom-I agree with Marnee - however not too cold - had enough of that in Washington. Rain is especially nice in small Arizona doses.
2. DVR
YEAH... I agree... best invention... especially for nursing moms at 3am when there is nothing on TV!
S&S....On demand for Riley so she can watch a descent cartoon in the afternoon/evening if needed.
Mom-DVR is great - now if I could just teach Dad to use it - actually I guess I'm thankful that he hasn't figured it out yet - that way I get to control the remote!
3. Dark Chocolate
NO... MILK chocolate
S&S...Chocolate w/ nuts
Mom - chocolate with raisins
4. The little surprises that you don't expect
5. Pictures

This should be top of the list!
Mom - love the pictures but the real thing is better! (Sorry Marnee - nothing tops hugs and kisses from my grandchildren. Pictures, however are a really good substitute when I can't get the real thing)
6. Laughter
Kate laughed this week! Seriously the best thing ever to hear your kids laughing.
S&S..I agree with children's laughter. It is really the best sound in the world!!
Mom-I love that Parker makes me laugh by the things he says and does and that Garrett's smile is so - what can I say - permanent!
7. Technology
S&S...Without it I wouldn't be able to e-mail Scott while he is underway or e-mail my brother while he is currently in Iraq.
Mom- I love this family website - I'm thankful to Anne for starting it and everyone for being so good to add to it.
8. Fall Colors
What's that? Browns, tans, oranges? I think that is AZ Summer Colors.
S&S..Love fall and the colors. Thankful for going to Utah and getting pics as a family with the colors.
Mom-flowers all year long - in Arizona (can't do that where there are seasons!)
9. Days off of work
Again, what is that?
S& there such a thing as a day off when you are a mom?
10.An eternal perspective
Can't think that far right now... I'm grateful for 6pm when Mike is home from work!
S&S...We are grateful that there is a light at the end of our Navy tunnel

Mom-I'd like to add -
1. Memories - memories of all the fun times spent with my family - birth of children, babtisms, missions, vacations, Christmases, holidays, first day of school, football, baseball, piano lessons, dancing lessons, Cotillion, etc, etc.
I'm thankful that the good times far outshine the not so good times but that some of the not so good are not completely forgotten.
2. 2 wonderful daughters-in law and 1 wonderful son in law. I honestly could not ask for any better!
3. Grandchildren - they are the best - they make everything worthwhile!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So, I came home tonight to an interesting surprise. My friends had decided that today was going to be Happy Anne Moser Day. For some reason they decided that as part of celebrating Thanksgiving, they had to give thanks for me. Missy, Shanna, and Kevin made a fantastic dinner (chicken parm, salad, garlic bread, pasta, cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries) and we (them and about 5 others) all just ate, talked, and they thought it was a good idea to go around and tell everyone why they thought I was so wonderful... a little awkward, definitely unnecessary, but very nice. I even ended up with flowers from Casey and Josh, some chocolate from Shanna, and a neck massage from Neal. My friends who couldn't come all email Missy their reasons for why they loved me - all great presents. Needless to say, I was very surprised by all of it and still don't quite know what to think of it. I have fantastic friends and feel very overwhelmed, am not quite sure what I did to deserve this, but am very blessed. So, I guess the point of this is to let everyone know that from now on, I guess November 20th has been deemed Happy Anne Moser Day.

Breakfast, Anyone?

Thanksgiving is going to be easy this year... Parker says that he will help cook the holiday meal because he knows how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Now that I know Ryan is mastering the art of cooking with eggs, I think we just might be set. Anyone want to join us?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Halloween Update

Arrrrrr Mateys, Welcome to me treasure chest. If ye be man enough, come walk the plank and take a jump into pirate land. All in all it was a great time trick or treating and spending time as a family.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Two weekends ago, about 12 of my friends and I went up to New Jersey to take in nature and visit the Poconos Mountains. The leaves were changing so it was beautiful! We went horseback riding, ate a lot, and just relaxed for most of the weekend. It was great!

Last Saturday was "The Mormies." It was a regional YSA activity at the Wardman Park Marriott in DC. It was a film festival/Oscar night for films that people in each of the wards made. The films weren't the best, but the activity was great. There were over 300 people there, all dressed up, and ready to dance after the films were over. Its good to have Elder Marriott in charge of YSA activities!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Nursery

Here are some pictures of our adventure over the last week. The top picture is our Halloween costume, a baker with a bun in the oven. It was a great hit at the Halloweenie roast our neighborhood had.
The rest show our progress in the nursery. I think we have sufficiently spoiled our first. Thanks for all the help Jane & Jon!!!
FYI paintable caulking works much better for painting.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I decided to let my 80s aerobics instructor costume make a reappearance this year. I love it so much the last time I wore it, and I was too lazy to come up with something new. It was a great hit again! There was a big Halloween party Saturday night at some of our friends' house. It was also my roommate Deanne's birthday so we went out to Red Robin before hand (she's the 'birthday girl' in the pic above, Mary Ann was Miss Fix-it, Missy was Optimus Primette from Transformers, and Meg was a socialite). We got lots of attention from the wait staff. It was great and hillarious at the same time. The party basically involved dancing for a couple hours and possing for lots and lots of pictures. It was fantastic!