Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vote, Please

I received a coupon for a free 16x20 from WPPI and I need to submit the order by tomorrow night to receive credit.  Anyway... we just took these photos on Saturday and I thought it might look cute in her room.  I'm just not sure which one I love the best...

I love the looking at the shoes... she is so obsessed with her feet and shoes, that this is so appropriate at this age.  

I also LOVE the "Ryan" face.  Not quite as goofy, but she does this ALL THE TIME... so it is sooooo her.

The other shows off her newly accomplished skill of sitting  up!  Hmmmm... I need help!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Becca was lucky enough to catch the last part of Evan's audition. Of course, Paula thought he looked great (in his fu-fu outfit), Randy said he was the "dawg", and Simon thought he was horrendous and that he needs to work on his timing. We thought it was pretty good for a 3 1/2 month old.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am rolling around now. I love to roll over and rub my bumpers; they're so soft!

Here is a picture of the canvas picture Marnee got us and the Evan letters from Jane. Steve made the shelf.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kate's First "Meal"

OK... she is soooo a third child.  here she is almost 6 months and we are FINALLY starting to feed this LITTLE girl some food.  Poor child.  She has been dying to eat our food, but I just haven't found the time to fit in another thing.  You know... like feeding your child is an option if you have time!  AHHHH!  Ryan is so ready to take on this responsibility.  I wish I really could trust him, but he insists that Kate needs to eat goldfish, raisins, and M&M's just like him!  At least he also knows that Kate needs lots of pictures!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rest Time

Last night Mike and Diana and a few other extended relatives were coming to the house for dinner. Parker spent the afternoon with me helping me clean up outside (he washed off the patio chairs and table - and did a really good job, I might add) and making some of the food. After we were finished, I asked him if he wanted to rest before everyone came over for dinner. I expected an immediate NO, but instead got the following response: He motioned me to be quiet and then put his hand to his ear like he was on the phone. I waited a minute and then asked him who he was talking to and he replied - "Shh! I'm talking to God." To my surprise - He must have told him yes, because he immediately went into the TV room to lay down and rest. Later when I asked him what God's phone number was he said - "Silly, Nema, God doesn't have a phone number!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

together at last

With the final patrol over we are finally together at last. The kids were so excited to see daddy again. Riley waved a flag on the beach while saying hello to him when the sub went by. Garrett was charmed by his daddy from the moment he saw him! No stranger anxiety there. Here are a couple pics for you to enjoy.


Saturday, March 1, 2008


We had a blast yesterday skiing Sundance!  Mike and I were pleasantly surprised at how much the boys LOVED it.  The hike to the rope tow about killed us... and the boys were just about done before we started, but as soon as we got to the top of the bunny hill, it was all smiles.  Parker really picked it up and did quite well.  Ryan loved skiing between our legs; signing "MORE" the whole way down and saying, FAST, FAST, FAST!  Parker begged to do the ski lift, so after lunch we got 1/2 day passes so we could take the boys up the lift.  They actually did GREAT on the way down!  We went twice on the lift with them, and then Mike and I were pretty much done!  What a work-out!  We can barely walk today!  Papa was great!  He got to ski with the boys and then became the snow ball target as Mike and I got to do one run with out the kids.  We really couldn't have asked for better weather!  It was 50 degrees when we left the resort at 4pm!  Gotta love spring skiing... the best time to take the kids on their first time!  :)  Parker's favorite thing all day... "RIDING THE SKI LIFT".  Skiing down was just the necessary part to go ride the lift again!  :)  Oh boy!