Friday, March 9, 2007

Becca and I just got back from our house hunting trip. We had great weather (high 60s & low 70s), and were amazed at how many trees were in Northeast Houston. Becca even commented that one neighborhood almost made her feel clausterphobic. And this came from Miss New England!

You may have heard that we were going to buy a resale home. We decided after seeing some pet urine stains on the carpet, etc. to build our own house. We found that we could build a brand new house for cheaper than the owners would be willing sell their house to us. So, we are building pretty much the same house one block away from the other house. I think everyone has seen the pictures of the resale house we were going to buy, but here are some more pictures from that house which will be quite similar to the one we are building.

The house will be done in August. Ironically, the road name is Salt River Valley Ln (which is funny since we thought we would be moving to the Phoenix Valley) in Humble, TX (pronounced "Um-bol" because nothing in Texas is humble.)

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Boys

Mommy's Milkshake, but sure, I'll share. I didn't really want ANY...

Reeces's Replacement... Ryan loved the goats at the zoo... He gave them lots of hugs and kisses (now I am sure you are all ready for your hug and kiss from him!)

This kid has no fear, and luckily, neither did the goats.

Who knows? He's his father's son. Ever since Hepa and Nema gave him a popsicle a couple weeks ago, he has been into licking everything...

He thinks he is so funny. Which, some of the time, he actually is.

Mommy's little helper! We tore out our laundry room cabinets this weekend. Parker was so proud that he worked so hard. He painted, built cabinets, and mopped the floors. "It was hard work." He did great and only ended up with a little green on his nose!

He's trouble. And he knows what he wants.

Parker, aka The New and Improved Steve Irwin, has discovered that you can pet a sting ray and not die. He was a "little scared at first", but was "brave at the end" and loved petting the sting rays in a new exhibit at the Phoenix Zoo.