Friday, September 28, 2007

More Kate

OK... I'll stop posting pictures of Kate. However, I just had to show off Mom's bedding, her magic touch that got Kate smiling in her dreams, and then just another picture of an awake & alert Kate. Well, she finally fell asleep in my arms while I was going through some pictures, so we are off to bed now. Hopefully for several hours! She still seems to sleep better during the day!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

She's already getting bigger. She was a week old yesterday and I had to take some pictures of her in Mike's hands to record how little she started. I haven't had time to go through very many, but thought I would post this one right away. Mike is really enjoying his little girl. He was great with the boys, but it is funny to see him with Kate... he is SOOOO into her. He loves to hold her and just can't get enough of her. I guess it is the daddy/daughter bond.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


She's just TINY! That little stuffed animal is only about 5 inches... who would have thought that Riley and Garrett would be considered GIANTS next to one of our kids?!?!??! :)

Kate is Here!

She's here! The boys have been really cute with her. Parker was quite nervous at first to meet Kate in the hospital. He was so excited about her arrival, but when Nema and Hepa brought the boys down to the hospital, he was not quite sure what he was supposed to do. However, after a little while, he warmed up, and we caught him walking over to her on the bed and talkking to her. He was telling her that he's her big brother, he'll take care of her, and it will be OK. I guess those are the moments that make motherhood worth it! :)

Ryan just loves Kate... he gets so excited when he sees her, wants to constantly hold her, and loves to give hugs and kisses. He actually is quite good with her, but gets a little excited. Hopefully Kate will survive her big brother's love! We'll have to keep on eye on him.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I know this is a little late in coming, but I thought I'd fill everyone in on my Labor Day Weekend at Rohobeth Beach. A few of my friends and a few people I didn't know all went out to stay at his guy's beach house out in Delaware. It ended up being a great group of people - about 20 of us, and we had representation from each singles ward in Northern Virginia. For the most part, we just relaxed on the beach, spent way too much money at the Outlets, and hung out around the house.

It was quite interesting because Rohobeth Beach is also known as "Rohomo Beach." The house across the street from us had a party one night that included none other then a drag show and we had lots of fun being surrounded by guys in speedos and the like.

We also had a nice surprise while we were on the beach. My friend Amanda and I were asleep and all of the sudden, we heard this lady say "oh no! oh no! oh no!" All of the sudden we felt water coming up on our feet and before we knew it, it was almost up to our waist! Luckily we jumped up very quickly and grabbed all of our stuff (I didn't know I could get up that fast!) before our bags got wet. It definitely made us rethink falling asleep on the beach!

I didn't get any pictures of me since I was taking all of the pictures, but here are a few anyway...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Furniture

Here are some of our recent purchases. We just love to spend $$$. It's a good thing Becca is working more and that the baby is coming soon. She has found that she can spend money pretty easily when she is not kept busy.
We just bought this grill yesterday at 50% off what we saw it going for three weeks ago. It has a 45 burger capacity, so we're ready for visits from the whole family.
The TV stand / garbage drawer is what I made to keep myself busy while Becca was in MA.
And of course, you have our empty dining room with wood floors and our kitchen table and couches.
Until early December, these are our baby pictures!