Friday, November 21, 2008

Korean Spa

**Disclaimer: The following post was written by Missy for her blog. Why do more work when someone else has already done it for you?**
I went to a Korean Spa on Saturday and spent over THREE hours relaxing. Evern been to one? It's amazing. Allow me to explain...You pay $35 and you have access to Poultice Rooms, Steam baths, Saunas, Bade pools and herb themed public baths. Amazing. Did I mention that $35 lets you stay in the spa for 24 hours? No joke.

What's a poultice room, you may wonder. I'm not exactly sure except they generate radiant heat from natural earth elements such as hot red clay, gems, and germanium. Benefits include not only the benificial effects of thermotherapy, but also infrared rays, which are associated with removel of harmful toxins from the body. A poultice room looks like this:
This particular spa had 7 different rooms including the Amethyst Gem room, the Red Clay room, the Ice room, the Oak Wood Charcoal room, the Red Clay Ball room (my favorite becuase it was a well-being room with the effect of acupressure and massage using hot red clays balls as well as yellow jade), the Blue Onyx room and the Salt room. In addition to the Poultice rooms, I was able to enjoy the saunas, steam baths and Bade Pools, though these rooms were not unisex as you are required to be nude (sweet!). There were two saunas, a dry sauna and a steam sauna. Furthermore, there was an ice bath and two herbal infused baths: rose and aloe. The Bade Pool was a water massage therapy center that had different stations that concentrated on different areas of your body. Here is an outline of the room (again, nudity required) and the massage techniques:
If you like to be pampered, if you like to be nude, and if you like to walk away feeling like you are going to fall asleep on your drive home, then head out the Korean Day Spa nearest you. It was a blast!

***This is actually the second one I've (Anne) been too. A couple of my friends and I went to one in New York over Labor Day. One word: AMAZING!***

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Anne and I had a great time in Italy. Read Anne's posts to get more info, but here are a few pictures to see how beautiful Italy was. Sorry there's not more details, but I'm out of time and this is not cooperating with me. I'm sure Anne will post pictures with more details.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lost Pictures

I just found these pictures that I sent to the blog by email. I didn't really know where they would show up, but just found them in the editing section.

These were taken last August when we were in Houston.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Not much to report from Sorrento. It was much better than Rome, but
we could tell that it would have been amazing if the weather was
better. Maybe next time...

A few highlights:
- Met the nicest italian girl on the train to Naples. She made sure we
got to the right train when we had to switch trains unexpectantly
after ours broke down.
- Learned how mozzerella cheese is made from a quaint Italian family
- Took a scary drive up to Positano. Not quite sure how the bus didn't
drive off the cliff
- Did some shopping - again
- Slept in, relaxed, walked around, took lots of pictures that didn't
turn out so well - we need Marnee here!
- was amazed at how many Italians were concerned with the election &
our reactions
- learned the creative ways that Europeans are sustainable.
- Took a drive to Casserta with our private driver for the morning.
- Walked through the Poyal Palace of Casserta pretty much on our own -
kind of creepy! We were amazed at how negleted everything seemed. The
place seemed very dirty, there was writing on the statues outside, &
the gardens were not groomed. It was unbelievable to think of what it
would have been like when royalty lived there though. Just unreal.

It was then onto the train to Florence. So far Florence is our
favorite part of the trip. We will update you on this part of the trip
when we get back.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

When in Rome

1. Bring comfortable walking shoes
2. Always have an umbrella. You never know when an enormous swarm of
birds is going to invade the city and will decide you are a great
3. Take motion sickness pills before getting in a taxi or shuttle. And
avoid crossing ANY streets without saying a prayer.
4. Bring extra room in your suitcase for the fantastic shopping.
5. Go to church. At least half of the congregation are visitors. They
have wireless headsets with a translator for us non-Italians.
6. Meet up with friends from home. It's great to meet in a foreign
country for a day when you haven't seen each other in a few months.
7. Check out the random piazzas. They are definitely worth the extra
8. Take a drive along the outside of the city.
9. Remember to eat. It's surprisingly hard thing to do when you are on
the go so much.

And the most important:
10. Don't spend much time there. It's dirty, crowded, and over-hyped.
Spend time in other areas of Italy... like Sorrento.

(pictures to come upon our return)

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