Sunday, August 9, 2009

I found out about a week ago that the final walk-thru on my house is going to be September 18th. It's coming so fast! Here are some pictures to show you some of the progress. They are about a week old, but not much has changed. They painted the interior (it's now a pale brown/taupe color) and they painted the outside center entryway tower and front window pop-out the light cream color.

My future kitchen. Isn't it beautiful?

My future office

My selections. The larger stone is the granite for the kitchen, the smaller is marble for the master bathroom. I put tile throughout the house in all areas but the bedrooms and put the carpet to the right of the tile in the bedroom.

More to come! I'm hoping when I get back from my trip this week that the cabinets will be installed. Once more progress is made, I'll post some more.