Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zoo Fun

Tuesday's trip to the zoo with Marnee and the kids was a fun one. It was a beautiful day--well maybe a little on the hot side in the sun, but the kids and monkeys didn't seem to mind. Kate loved the petting zoo. This goat was her favorite, she even followed it as it tried to get away from her while trying to push her out of the way with its head. Since this didn't discourage Kate, we thought it best to move her on to another goat, before this one got really upset.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lion King

At the end of January, we took Parker and Ryan to Gammage to see The Lion King. The play wasn't really very good, but we had a great time anyway. I think the boys really enjoyed their time with Nema and Hepa without their parents. They were on their very best behavior. During intermission; however, we got up to walk around and Ryan had a minor melt down. He did not want to leave. As soon as we explained that we were just going to go see the stage and where the band was and that we were not leaving to go home, he was fine--as if nothing had every happened. After the play we went to Sugar Bowl for ice cream sundaes. Wow! This place is big! It's okay Ryan. This is going to be fun.
This looks great!But how am I supposed to eat it?
Just dig in Ryan - watch me!

Courtyard in Bloom

It's springtime with gorgeous weather. I decided to stay home from work today and try to get caught up on a few projects. Believe it or not, I am actually pretty well caught up at work. Since our new courtyard was still a little "unfinished" you came home at Thanksgiving, I thought I'd post a few pictures. It is finally coming together. We can't wait to get the gate and fence completed!
Allie the Alligator is watching!