Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let's See?

I'm just trying to get used to this. Not really sure what I am doing, but thought I'd try to post a picture of Riley since we have one of Parker and Ryan. Once I figure this out, I'll try to do more.
Okay, I must be as old as Marnee. I can't figure this out either. I tried to upload a picture. It said it uploaded but nothing is showing up. I'll have to work on this later.
Okay again - I think I got it. I guess I forgot to check the box saying I accept the "Terms". Once I did that the picture uploaded. Sorry Marnee - I guess I'm not as "old" as you any more -- "I'm cool."


Anne said...

Good job Mom! I knew you were more technically savvy then Marnee! Everyone needs to just continue playing around with the site, and I think it will end up being really fun. Plus, I think everyone just needs to make it a habit of checking the site often.

Marnee said...

Hey, be nice! :)